Granitâ„¢ 1910i Industrial Scanner
Color: Red; Interface: USB; Range: Extended Range Focus; Scanning Technology: 1D, PDF, 2D; Connection: Corded

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Part #: 1910IER-3USB


  • Description

    Industrial Handheld Scanner

    • Only 2D industrial scanner specified to 5,000 1m tumbles
    • Extended reading distance without sacrificing motion tolerance
    • Bright laser aimer guides employees quickly and easily to the bar code even at long distances
    • No more step stools or kneeling in order to scan barcodes found on the top or bottom shelf

    Redefining Durability

    Granit 1910i has been built from-the-ground-up to withstand just about anything it might face in your harsh, demanding environments redefining the standard for durable hand-held scanners. Featuring a custom built housing that meets IP65 dust and water protection standards, withstands 5,000 1m tumbles, and survives 50 2m drops to concrete even at extreme temperatures, Granit 191Xi offers industry leading durability. As a result businesses experience minimal downtime, and lower service costs enjoying a low total cost of ownership

    Rapid Decode Feedback

    Loud machinery and poor lighting conditions often pose a challenge for operators who rely on scanner feedback as confirmation of “good reads.” The Granit 1910i scanner meets this challenge with bright LEDs, enhanced beeper volume and vibrating feedback response – ensuring rapid decode feedback and eliminating redundant scanning.

  • Included

    Included Components

    • 1D, PDF417, 2D, ER focus, red scanner (1910iER-3)
    • USB Type A 3m straight cable (CBL-500-300-S00)
    • With vibrator

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