AO: Bar Complete Scanner Kit

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    Looking to speed up your inventory count time even more with AO: Bar?

    The Symbol CS3070 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner will help do just that. Designed to work seamlessly with the AO: Bar app, the CS3070 allows you to reach in between small spaces, and get accurate scans from farther away. Get additional secured movement with the finger cuff, and prevent accidental damage. Make it a complete kit with the Symbol CS3070 Cradle Charger, so it is ready to go when you are.

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  • Bundle Summary


    Zebra CS3070 Hand-Held Bluetooth Scanner

    The innovative Symbol CS3000 Series enables enterprises to easily implement 1D laser scanning. The tiny device is affordably priced and fits in a pocket or on a lanyard. The CS3070 offers batch mode as well as real-time barcode data transmission to a host application via a wireless Bluetooth connection to smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. The result is a new level of affordability for 1D scanning and the ability to streamline, error-proof and simplify more business processes.

    Charging Cradle

    Symbol CS3070 Charging Cradle

    One slot, power over USB cradle. Works with both batch and Bluetooth versions of the CS3070 scanner.

    Finger Cuff

    OpTech Finger Cuff

    The Finger Cuff fits snugly around any finger for a barely there feeling while still offering complete security against dropping. This unique little strap is ideal for small electronics, and attaches easily with a mini quick disconnect.

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