Newcastle Systems PowerPack Series

$ 1,712.00

Part #: PP42


Seamless, Cordless AC Power - ANYWHERE You Need it!

The PowerPack Mega Series Portable Power System provides quiet, seamless AC power for as long as 12+ hours at a time. This sturdy, compact unit is ideal for powering computers, printers, POS Systems, scales, testers and any other electronic hardware.  At the end of your shift or use, simply plug the unit into a standard wall outlet to recharge. Eliminate the need for extension cords or noisy generators!

Housed in a sealed but fully ventilated steel cabinet, the PowerPack Series comes standard with an inverter (modified sine wave, input 12 volts, output 115VAC, 60 Hz),  battery,  smart charger (20 Amp, with automatic shut off) and fusing system.

Features Include:

  • Integrated (6) outlet powerstrip
  • Digital meter with color coded LED displays that provide the status of the battery and confirmation of the power source
  • Visual and audible low voltage alert
  • Integrated side handles and cord reel holder
  • Easy access to slide batteries in and out of cabinet 
  • Optional wheel-base tote system for true portability
  • Optional bracket system to secure unit to a cart, vehicle, or other surfaces

Typical PowerPack Applications:

Non-powered equipment carts  *  Outdoor mobile concessions  *  Remote Display Areas  *  Areas where power is not available such as far corners of the warehouse, loading docks, remote storage areas, and much more.

PowerPack Series Configurations:

POWER SYSTEM COMPONENTS PowerPack 42 1-Battery System PowerPack 45 2-Battery System
INVERTER/ CHARGER PKG Supports up to 1,000 watts (UL & CSA Approved) Supports up to 1,000 watts (UL & CSA Approved)
APPROX. CHARGE TIME 3-5 hours 8-10 hours
OVERALL WEIGHT 120 lbs. 190 lbs.
TYPICAL HARDWARE/ RUN TIME Laptop/tablet & large printer for 8-10+ hours Desktop PC & large printer for 8-10+ hours

Please note: All PowerPacks ship LTL

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