CK70 RFID Mobile Computer
Keypad: Alphanumeric Keypad / 3715 - 1 GHz Refresh; Camera: No Camera; Radio Options: WLAN, FCC (Requires O/S Option W1); Operating System: Windows Embedded Handheld, Worldwide English, WLAN only configs

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Part #: CK70AA5KN14W1R10


  • Description

    Ultra-Rugged RFID Reader

    • -Fully integrated UHF RFID reader with no visible external antenna
    • Exceptional battery life helps to eliminate downtime
    • Reduced complexity and cost savings
    • Supports VoIP / Speech Recognition / Push to talk applications

    Greater Efficiency and Accuracy

    This device combines advanced RFID reading and a no-compromise design with best-in-class ruggedness, battery life, and ergonomics.


    Fully integrated mobile platform that meets or exceeds typical RFID range requirements, in a design that is more compact and comfortable.

  • Included

    Included Components

    • CK70 Mobile Computer
    • Battery Pack
    • (Must order power supplies separately)

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