eDynamo Mag Stripe Reader
Drawer Front Style: N/A; Interface Type: Wireless or USB; Color: Black; Size (W x D x H): N/A; Options: N/A; Compatible Devices: Android, Windows, iOS; EMV Chip Reader: Yes

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Part #: 21079802


  • Description

    Card present payment flexibility

    Securely accept magstripe and chip cards using your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows devices.

    Go wireless or connect via USB

    Go Bluetooth Low Energy and connect to your favorite iOS, Android or Windows device. The low energy power consumption extends the life of its rechargeable batteries. If wireless is not preferred, then use the Micro-USB cable and connect to a PC or mobile device with a USB host.

  • Included

    Included Components

    • eDynamo EMV Chip & Mag Stripe Reader
    • Micro-USB Cable

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