$ 349.00

Part #: CTNZPUS1


  • Description

    Engineered for premium performance

    • Brings music streaming to the audio equipment you already own.
    • Flexible. Features analog, optical and coaxial digital audio outputs.
    • Line-in. Plug in any device you desire.
    • Play your amplified turntable through your Sonos system.
    • Stream your CDs and LPs to Sonos speakers in other rooms.
    • Streams over wi-fi, not Bluetooth, so the music never stops – even if you get a phone call.
    • Connect Sonos to an Amazon Echo or Dot, then simply request the music you love.

    Bring new life to your stereo

    There’s nothing wrong with your stereo. Or your home theater. It’s just that they don’t stream music. Connect fixes that. It turns your favorite amplified audio equipment into a streaming machine so you can keep the stereo you love and play even more music with it.

  • Included

    Included Components

    • Sonos Connect
    • Power cord
    • Flat Ethernet cable
    • RCA stereo audio cable
    • Stereo mini (male) to RCA (male) Y audio cable
    • Sonos QuickStart Guide
    • Legal/Warranty information

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